The story of our logo

The story of the logo of Theatre.University is not just that but the story of how Theatre.University came to become what it is today. Let’s go back almost ten years.

In 2012 Beatriz Cabur and Doug Howe founded NITEcorp in New York. NITE was the acronym for New International Theatre Experience, and it was born with a plan!

The plan was to establish four branches, NITEcorp, NITEnews, NITEnetwork and NITEnation.

The logos for this wonderful adventure were designed by Gene Yoon, who, at the time was the creative director of The Boston Globe. He did such a wonderful job conveying the idea behind our company that the meaning still holds brave and defiantly almost ten years later.

So what were these branches? NITEcorp was a global service organization working to empower theatre-makers by revolutionizing the way they create, connect and cooperate in the twenty-first century. NITEcorp would produce theatre shows, organise conferences, and facilitate theatre-making all over the world. We achieved that quite successfully for some years. It was such a joy to have a clear mission and the means to achieve it.

The second branch we established was NITEnews, the idea behind it was to build a non-partisan global theatre portal, a place to publish and spread theatre news from all over the world written by their original sources. No such place existed before it. We aimed to become the largest global theatre news source online, and we worked tireless hours for that. Founded on 2013, we rebranded on 2016, Magda Romanska joined our team, and NITEnews became TheTheatreTimes. Doug went onto other adventures (don’t worry, we’re still the best of friends) and Beatriz and Magda kept working day and night until they made TheTheatreTimes a vision fully realised. Click here for some nice stats. Beatriz left the board of TheTheatreTimes in July 2018, extremely proud of everyone and anyone ever involved in it.

But we still have NITEnetwork and NITEnation there, remember? What happened with those? Well, when Beatriz and Doug presented the full NITE project in 2012 in front of our peers at a conference in Amsterdam, it was met with scepticism, mainly because we used the word “nation”, and the world doesn’t need any more “nationalisms”. Right. We agreed on that, but still, the platforms… guys… can we talk about that now?

NITEnetwork was a place to meet and exchange ideas among theatre people, ok, that may have existed before in other platforms… but what if we integrated it with NITEnation? Then what? Oh, wait! What was NITEnation? NITEnation was thought to be an online place for theatre-makers and theatre-watchers to learn, teach, meet, exchange ideas, work alone, work together, or work collaboratively with people anywhere and everywhere, create and co-create, show and watch, make and succeed, make and fail and make again, experiment, find peers, engage audiences, experiment with them, listen and talk. I get goose pimples just thinking about all the work we put into designing NITEnation in 2012. But now here we are, after the global pandemic. No more specticism. Now it has become a global need. So, on 2021, we have rebranded, the great Belén Santa-Olalla has joined the team, and NITEnation has become Theatre.University and we have an amazing Road Map.

Oh, yes, the logo! Our logo is a global digital stage. Look how rounded and comfortable the stalls look. We thought it first. We were there, in a digital theatre world, thinking about how to make this experience enjoyable, rich, human, and engaging for you and for everyone.  Join us. Don’t miss out. Welcome to the place where everything begins!