Livestream a Zoom Show through Youtube


The Digital Culture Network has created nine courses to help you succeed and thrive in the Digital World. Here is the second: How to livestream Zoom through YouTube.

This free course teaches you the steps to be taken in order to livestream a Zoom show via YouTube. It outlines how you can use the powerful functionality of Zoom alongside the unrestricted options and benefits of YouTube.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to livestream Zoom through Youtube
  • Reach a wider audience for your Zoom shows

Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Livestream a Zoom Show through Youtube

Platforms Overview
Enabling Live Streaming in Zoom
Set up a scheduled livestream in YouTube
Setting up a scheduled webinar in Zoom
Going live
Further Support


About the instructors

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Quick basic course to understand how Zoom and Youtube work together.



  • Computer
  • Camera connected to the computer
  • Zoom account
  • Youtube account
  • Youtube livestream activated

Target Audience

  • Theatre Producers
  • Theatre Directors
  • Actors
  • Theatre teachers
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to livestream Zoom through Youtube simultameously