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Number of Students

The number of students you can accept in your course depends on the kind of course you are creating.

Course 1.- You can create a course in which you upload all the materials, like texts, videos, power points, images… and then create the quizzes and make everything automatic so you don’t need to be involved with the students, in that case, set the Number of Students to ZERO so it is unlimited.

Course 2.- You can create a course in which, even thought you upload all the materials, there is interaction with your students, like for example, if you create assignments you need to grade. In that case you will need to limit the number of students you can accept in the course but bear in mind that you can change this so maybe you want to start accepting 10 students and then as they are not all starting at the same time, your work load will spread across a manageable timeframe. Maybe then you will feel like you can accept 20 at a time, that is why you can always go back to EDIT the course and change it. We can adapt to you.

Course 3.- If you are teaching a workshop and your students are going to be sharing with you lots of material you should limit the Number of Students to a number you are extremely comfortable with, if this is your first time working in TheatreisDigital.Academy. Remember that you can always change the number and accept more or less students.