Before you start creating a course

How to name your course

How to describe your course

How to choose the number of students

What is the content drip

How to choose a category

How to price your course

How to add media to your course

How to build your course

How to add more instructors to your course

What is the additional data

How to describe the benefits of the course

What should you write in Requirements/Instructions

How to specify the targeted audience

What materials can you include

What are the Announcements

How to upload course attachments

What are the Course Prerequisites


It is easy to create a course with Theatre.University if you follow all the steps one by one. All the task can be done in one place: The Course Builder Area.

Creating topics, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and questions is all done through The Course Builder.

In the Builder you will upload everything that is accessible to a student once they enrol in a course and also the information for the sections that will be put on the Course Overview Page. 

The Course Overview Page is what the students and general public see before enrolling in a course.

We recommend you click here to open The Course Builder now and follow the lessons in this course step by step while you create your own course.