Before you start creating a course

How to name your course

How to describe your course

How to choose the number of students

What is the content drip

How to choose a category

How to price your course

How to add media to your course

How to build your course

How to add more instructors to your course

What is the additional data

How to describe the benefits of the course

What should you write in Requirements/Instructions

How to specify the targeted audience

What materials can you include

What are the Announcements

How to upload course attachments

What are the Course Prerequisites


You can define if your course will be free or you are going to charge for the course in the course price field. If you choose to charge for the course, put the price in the text field. How much do you charge for your course is entirely up to you and you can change the price of the course anytime you want. 

Students can and will review your courses so bear in mind the value for money because the better reviews you have the more courses you will sell.

If you still don’t know how much do you get from the course or what terms do apply to them please click here to read the Teachers Terms, or here to read the Intellectual Property Policy.

Also, 5% of all proceeds in the Theatreis.Digital platforms goes to charity, click here to read all about that.