How to create a Course in Theatre.University

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Enrol in this course if you want to teach in Theatre.University It is Free for all teachers registered in our platform.

We recommend you have this course open on one tab and CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE COURSE BUILDER IN ANOTHER TAB in another so you can build your course following this step by step.

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to create a course with lessons, quizzes, assignments and announcements in TheatreisDigital.Academy. You will also learn how to name it, price it and make money out of it!

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Before you start creating a course

How to name your course

How to describe your course

How to choose the number of students

What is the content drip

How to choose a category

How to price your course

How to add media to your course

How to build your course

How to add more instructors to your course

What is the additional data

How to describe the benefits of the course

What should you write in Requirements/Instructions

How to specify the targeted audience

What materials can you include

What are the Announcements

How to upload course attachments

What are the Course Prerequisites


About the instructors

Beatriz Cabur is an awarded theatre director and playwright, living in London and working internationally. She has written and directed over 40 plays in 6 countries: the UK, the USA, Spain, Mexico, Italy, and Austria. Beatriz is an innovative and multi-faceted theatre professional with 20+ years of experience and a decade of expertise in digital and online theatre, directing and creating plays for zoom, youtube, facebook, twitter, skype and livestream channels since 2012. She is also a proven leader of international cultural organizations, known for her strategic and focused approach and for providing best-in-class cross-cultural management. Currently, she is Chief Strategist of Theatre.University For more information about them and their work go to beatrizcabur.com
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Belén Santa-Olalla

Theatre director and immersive storytelling

  • Merging online and offline to create immersive experiences.
  • Mixing performing arts and participation into transmedia storyworlds.
  • Developing technology and storytelling for crisis simulations.
Experience as a narrative consultant, stage director, speaker, playwright, producer, lecturer, creative coach... Too many different titles, but a unique aim: tell stories in order to touch, train, communicate, entertain or teach - providing the audience not with answers, but with questions. Interests and skills: #transmedia #storytelling #immersion #crisissimulation #narrativedesign #mixedreality #playwriting #designthinking #creativity #technology #XR #theatre
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