Accent Quickie – Standard British


This video covers 4 of the top characteristics that make a British dialect distinguishable and teaches you how to reproduce them. For each characteristic, I first describe how a Standard American speaker would pronounce the sound, and then teach you what to do phonetically to change that into a Standard British sound.

For other British dialect characteristics, or to see what other coachings and resources are available, you can find me at www.speakthespeech.net

What Will I Learn?

  • The Accent Quickie video series was designed to give actors fast, fun and free resources so that they can expand their skill set. These videos are especially useful for those who have a fast turnaround time on an audition and have to perform an accent they've never done before, OR for someone who is interested in studying the dialect further but they want a little taste or preview of it first.

Topics for this course

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Standard British

Standard British


About the instructors

Kelli Ruttle has worked as a teacher of Dialects and Accent Reduction in New York City and across the country. With lessons that expand on the Classic Skinner Method and utilize the International Phonetic Alphabet, Kelli exercises each sound individually in an effort to train both the mouth and the ear to work together. Her lessons are designed to get the facial muscles working instinctively to create the sound, and the ear tuning in to when an error does or does not occur. She received her M.F.A. from Case Western Reserve University, her B.A. from San Diego State, and has been based out of New York City for the past several years. For more information, you may visit https://www.speakthespeech.net/
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Material Includes

  • Video tutorial complete with instruction
  • Demonstration
  • Sample words/phrases


  • Simply watch the video tutorial, and repeat the words and phrases that follow each phonetic demonstration.

Target Audience

  • Actors who have a fast turnaround time on an audition requiring a British accent, or someone interested in studying the language but wants a little taste or preview of it first.