What is Theatre.University?

THEATRE.UNIVERSITY is the First Global Theatre e-Learning Platform.

An academic and practical space that offers courses by world class theatre teachers practicioners and specialists from all over the planet. From NYU, to Yale School of Drama, Harvard, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, RESAD, New York Film Academy, Rutgers University, Bard College, Bennington College, Denison University, Barnard College, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UNED and many more.

But you can also find here courses by award winning practicioners not teaching anywhere else.

A space where students can create their own learning experience and curriculum by taking as many courses as they like while obtaining learning certificates.

Please read our Terms of Use and Teachers Terms to understand more in depth how the platform works.

Theatre.University is diverse, inclusive, and working towards full accessibility.

When we first worked on this idea in 2012, we were met with tons of scepticism.. Now the time has come, a place like this has become a global need.

Now, in 2021, understanding that without radical re-thinking and re-imagining of the field there is no long-term survival for theatre professionals, we are building Theatre.University, a form of Noah’s Ark for teaching and learning theatre, taking us to a world reimagined.

The world is reshaping right before our eyes, and theatre teachers and students need to have a say in that new form.

We need to be able to understand how everything that is happening affects us, because with that knowledge and the opportunities technology has for us, we are building a space in the digital world where we can transfer our skills and hopes, as we would do in the world before the pandemic, even better because Theatre.University is not constrained to geographical limits, and our audience is global, the world is literally our stage.  So register now, we are going to make some waves.

Theatre.University has been founded by digital theatre-maker and entrepeneur Beatriz Cabur and transmedia storyteller Belén Santa-Olalla, supported by hundreds of theatre-teachers and theatre-students around the globe.

Let’s make this experience enjoyable, rich, human, engaging. We are making history. Join us. Don’t miss out. Welcome to the present!